Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the whole world has come to a standstill. India is under lockdown and everyone is stuck and majorly is afraid of traveling from one place to another. Taking all the safety measures during traveling will inhibit the spread of coronavirus. After the lockdown, the travel agency will have a different outlook as traveling, trips, tours will be done under complete safety measures. The future of traveling post-COVID-19 will be under full and certain safety. COVOD-19 has affected every country and this will bring a change in travel.

The following points clear how the scenario of travel will be post COVID-19:

  • Sanitisation will be the new security: Imagine everyone carrying their medical certificates to the trip destination, this will be the new way of having a safe trip. The pre-screening of the travellers to the countries will take place. The flights will be completely sanitized. The mandatory blood tests of the staff and the tourists will be done. Post COVID-19 complete transparency will be required. Health, hygiene, and sanitization will become the new way of safe travel. Social distancing will remain intact until the vaccine is developed.
  • Choose accommodation wisely: booking the best brands whom you can trust with the best hygiene must be chosen. This will keep you in a safe and secure place. Hotels will offer minimum touchpoints.
  • Flight tickets price might shoot up: due to social distancing, airlines across the world will be grappling. If the airlines bring in the formula of allowing more space between the passenger then of course a hike in the price will be seen.
  • Road trips will be welcomed again: people will avoid traveling by public transports or by flights and will prefer traveling with their personal vehicles.

The new travel will bring a shift to vacation from driving rather than driving and an increase in the advisory on choosing the accommodations carefully. The major change will be seen in the travel industry post lockdown. India Trip ensures the safety and security of travelers by providing a highly valuable experience. Tourism will restart so as to bring rejuvenation in the lives of people.