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We at values the trust of the customer and their privacy. So, we have made this privacy policy of our website which will assist you to understand the handling of the information. To make it clear, we suggest you to read our privacy policy and get familiar with the usage of data, disclosed, transferred from the website. This privacy policy contains information about the website services which will help you to use it uninterruptedly. If you do not agree with our policy then you can leave the website.

1. Collection of Personal Data:

When you visit our website, we ensure that we can collect your name, address, email ID, contact number, IP address, and bank account details under the following circumstances:

When you make a reservation or choose any package from our website.

We you proceed to register with us and subscribe for our newsletter, share your experience etc.

When visitor set up any account on our website.

When visitor get engaged in the events hosted by our page.

When you browser different section of our page and registry as a member for different activities.

2. How we can use your personal data?

We can use your personal data in order to provide the services which you have requested from us. It may include:

Troubleshooting issues.

Promote safe tour and services for our clients.

Provide latest information about our latest offers.

Fix internal disputes

Perform research for providing best experience.

Contact the users to send important information.

Making our marketing promotions

3. Uses of Profile Data and Geographical Location:

In order to improve our services, we may collect your profile data and demographic location about your activity on our website. We will use your IP address in order to help and diagnose the problems. We can also ask you to complete our survey in which you need to enter your personal details.

4. Do we share your personal information?

Your personal information can only shared with our corporate entities and teams in order to:

Prevent any type of identity theft situations or frauds

Avoid potentially illegal acts

Avoid any type of abuse to our services.

To provide all the facilities which you have requested by contacting different corporate entities.

5. How long we keep your personal data?

We do not keep your data for long time. We will only use your personal details until the purpose has been fulfilled which includes legal acts, account related services, and other reporting requirements. We ensure to protect your data from any type of harm and illegal activities.

6. Cookies:

Cookies are known as the small files which are stored on your hard drive, We can use your cookies in order to provide customized packages according to your requirement. There are some features which is only available for you when we will use your cookies. It may be gathered even if you do not register with us. We can save permanent or temporary cookies of your device but we ensure that it does not contain any of your personal identifiable information.

7. Security Protection:

We have used lots of security measures on our website which will protect your data from loss or misuse. It is completely in our control. We ensure to provide secure server in order to add your personal details and protect it from unauthorized access from the third party. If you will choose to avail any of our services and proceed to make payment then we will take you to the authentic payment gateway in order to complete the trabsaction.

8. Advertisement on the website: will use the third-party advertising websites to show ads whenever you will visit our website. It may use your information to provide the related advertisements related to the services which you are looking for. We do not take responsibility of the third party ads for your privacy practices. We encourage you to read our privacy policy before visiting the third-party advertisements.

9. Confidentiality

We may provide you some confidential information which is not available on our website. You should agree that you will not disclose such information to anyone without our written permission. We will also keep your personal information to use and do not disclose to any third-party unless any legal action required.

10. Disclaimer

As a visitor of our website, you should understand our privacy policy and agree to all the terms and conditions which are mentioned by us. In case of any issue, you can directly contact us.

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