If you are planning to have a CHILL PILL trip to SHIMLA, then  you must know some famous and amazing places in SHIMLA.  The beauty of SHIMLA attracts every visitor once in a life to  come here and enjoy. The majestic snow-capped mountains,  widely spread greenery, beautifully flowing lakes attract you like a  magnet. Queen of Hill Stations is itself a wonderful gift  presented to us by nature. SHIMLA is a famous destination spot  for honeymoon couples. 

Since the British Era, its gradient flows like water. Snow-covered  mountains, the endearing beauty of the city makes it The Most  Visited Hill Stations In India. If you are coming here for adventure  and fun, you must have a good knowledge of the Most Famous  Places To Visit In SHIMLA. 

 1. KUFRI 

Kufri is in Shimla district in Himachal Pradesh which is a state to  have many tourists who visit the state for relaxing and enjoying  the cool weather. Kufri is nearest to Shimla and due to this  proximity, it is the most sought destination for couples. Kufri, it is at 2720m altitude and due to its high altitude makes it a  place having snow-topped mountains through the winters. It is just  20km approx. to Shimla on the NH-22, so if you are in Shimla  then you should come here to see the panoramic views of the  Himalayan range, highly altitude mountains. These views just  make you go Aww…During winter a meandering path through the  potato plantations turns into a popular ski track. Here you can visit  the Kufri Fun campus, it is an amusement park to enjoy the whole  day. This park is equipped with various pools, rides, and the  world’s highest go-kart track. Chini Bungalow is also famous here  for its statues and architecture. Himalayan National Park is a  good choice for adventure. This National Park is surrounded by  snow-capped mountains and has nearly 30 species of animals  and 151 species of birds. 

You can visit here in the summer months i.e. from April to July.  The winter months experience extremely cold weather and  snowfalls. 

You can take your kids to a day out at Adventure Resort. Its ticket  price is 570 rs. Adventure trekking available here at 3000rs. per  person. 

Hotels and Resorts available here : 

Kufri Holiday Resort, Karam Vidhata Resort, Woodways Resort.


The Ridge of Shimla is the epicenter of all tourist activities. It is  easily connected to all the main places of Shimla such as the Mall  Road, the Lakkar Bazaar, the Scandal Point. Since 1857, the  Neo-gothic style place of worship is the second oldest of its kind.  Christ Church is the most popular spot of Shimla. You can enjoy it  here for 2 to 3 hours between 8:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.  It is located in the centre of the Hill Station of Shimla nearby Mall  Road. It is 2.2 km away from Shimla. Its entry fee is free of cost.  The Ridge Of Shimla is always covered with snow. The most  famous Summer Festival is held here.


It is a town village tourist place in Shimla and a quiet hill station. It  is famous for the world’s highest cricket ground and the Heritage  Hotel, Chail Palace, in deodar and pine trees. In history, it was  once the summer capital of Patiala Kings. If you come here for a  visit, then you must visit Chail Wildlife Sanctuary.  You must go to Sidh Baba Ka Mandir, Stoned Kumbh Shiv  Temple if you want peace and harmony. If you are a cricket lover  you must visit the world’s highest cricket ground built by Maharaja  Bhupender Singh. The jams and jellies from fresh fruits of the area are very tasty  and hand made shoes, rugs, and carpets are the main attraction  points. You can stay here for 2 hrs and enjoy the cool and fresh  air coming from the mountain tops. It is approx. 15 km away from  Shimla. You can book a taxi at 200rs as the fare or you can take a  bus ride. 

*Horse Riding is also available here. Horse Riding to highlands  would be great fun.


Tattapani is also a famous tourist spot in Mandi district Himachal  Pradesh near to Shimla. It is a beautiful destination spot for  couples. It is 60km. away from Shimla. It is situated on the banks  of the river ‘Sutlej’. It is famous for its Hot Sulphur Spring and it is  believed to have curative properties and health benefits such as  joint pain, fatigue, reduces fat and skin diseases. There is a story  told by the locals of visiting lord Shiva at some spots called  Shiva’s Cave.  Visitors who want to do adventure sports can go for white water  rafting on Sutlej River, one of the longest rivers of India.  One can enjoy Mountain Biking or Cycling and Trekking is also  the option here to do fun. Bikes and Cycles are available at 100rs  and 60 rs per 15min.


The Kalka Shimla Toy Train is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It  connects the Indian plains to the ‘Queen of Hills’, SHIMLA. It was  built in 1903 and is a great example of engineering. It covers 102  Tunnels, 864 bridges, and 919 stunning curves.  Once in a life, you should sit and wonder about this amazing toy  train. The whole journey takes Five and Half Hours. Picture  perfect hill stations, wonderful waterfalls, vide valleys are all  breath-taking. It is also called ‘The British Jewel Of The Orient’  It is the main iconic symbol of SHIMLA that is cherished by all  people. It has an elevation of 2076 meters in the lap of  Himalayas. It has 18 stations to stop. The highlight of the journey  is Barog Station because it has the longest tunnel on the route  stretching to 1143metres. 

Names of the trains on the route: 

> Rail Motor Car 

> Shivalik Delux Express 

> Himalayan Queen 

You can book a ticket for the Toy train from the Kalka station or  the IRCTC website. It costs differently according to the stations. 


If you are fond of adventures and exciting sports, then you should  visit in SHIMLA, the beautiful queen of Hill Stations. Ice Skating in  SHIMLA is the most amazing and adventurous sport among  Trekking, Horse-riding, etc. It is famous and well known due to its  naturally formed Rink. Tourists come here from all over the world.  The Ice Skating Rink Of SHIMLA has been used for sports and  different activities since 1925. The experience you get here at the  foothills of marvelous mountains is just be unforgetable one. All  countries skaters come here to show off their skills. 

The charges for Ice Skating starts from 100rs. per person to  500rs. Shoes for Ice Skating are also available for rent at low  cost. You can stay here for 4 to 5 hrs and enjoy with your kids. 

Time of opening: 8:00 AM – 11:00 AM 

 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM 


Shimla Christ Church is also a very famous and peaceful place to  have a visit in the hot summer.It is designed in Neo-Gothic  architecture style. It is the second oldest church in whole northern  India after St John’s Church in Meerut. Its building is of yellow  colour and it literally glows when it is lighted up in night just like a  magnificent castle.  Stained glass windows are highlight of the church.The Pipe  Organ of the church is the biggest in the Indian subcontinent and  it was erected in 1900 approx. The Church is also used as a set  for the bollywood movies like 3 Idiots, etc.


Jakho Hill another famous and exciting spot to visit in SHIMLA. It  is the highest peak in SHIMLA covered with tall and beautiful  Alpine Trees. It is a good place for cool wind and peace.It is  2.5km from the Ridge of SHIMLA and at a height of 2455m. There  is a famous story related to this place. In Ramayana, Hanuman Ji  rested here while searching for Sanjivni Booti. So, to worship the  holy place, a temple was made called ‘JAKHO TEMPLE’. You can  take a horse ride or a taxi ride to the temple. Ropeway ride is also  available.  You will feel blessed here and it is idol place to shoot photos but  beware of the monkeys on the way to temple. Crisp cold air,  seemingly touching skies, pine tress gives an awesome feeling. 


In SHIMLA, you must go to Himachal State Museum for a  lightening experience of the state. Many ancient coins,  handicrafts, paintings, and sculptures are collected from all over  the state and country. If you are an art or history lover, then you  must come here once in a life.  This museum has a special Doll gallery which has many grooms  and bride dolls. It has stoned images related to 8th century. Many  traditional garments can be seen in the Victorian mansion i.e. the Himachal State Museum.