Ooty: The Meadow Town

OOTY is a town situated in the Western Ghat  Mountains in TAMILNADU and also known as The Meadow Town. Its normal temperature stays upto 18 degree celcius. That is ideal for a picnic and there is a lake called OOTY LAKE which is famous for destinations and picnic.

OOTY is known as Udagamandalam and a glorious place nestled in Nilgiri Mountains. The Hills Queen, OOTY is located at an altitude of 2240 meters. OOTY is filled with lush green valleys and high mountains. Never ending meadows between the mountains with its weather makes it a favourite destinations for couples and family. Delightful waterfalls suddenly appear as you click a clap. OOTY is one of the most diverse region in the world. Many pharmaceuticals plants and herbs can be easily found here. If anyone wants to have a trip to peaceful hill station, then OOTY may be the best destination to choose. Have a look to the list of famous OOTY places to visit.

Let’s go through the top famous places to visit in OOTY:


1. The Nilgiri Mountain Rail

The The Nilgiri Mountain Rail is a 1,000mm metre gauge rail in OOTY, TAMILNADU. Britishers build this railway in 1908 and at present it is in the WORLD HERITAGE SITE list as The Toy Train. It is operated by Southern Railway. It has total 13 stations to stop and of 46 km distance to travel. Tourists ride in this toy train for an unforegttable experience. Captivating landscapes with flowing river and the sun shining beatifully over the head. Its track is the steepest in asia. The train travels through high and low altitudes giving an auspicious experience of NILGRI HILLS.

Its one way journey starts from Mettupalayam and the charges for one person are 210 rs.

The time from OOTY RAILWAY STATION is 3:00 PM.

2. Emerald Lake: The Prestine Lake

Emerald Lake is located in Emerald village and 24 km away from the main city Ooty. Its in a region called Silent Valley i.e. world famous. Beside its area is surrounded by Nilgiri Hills it offers healing blue water also. It is one of the famous and attractive places in Ooty due to its unexplored trails of nature by human being. One can spend a leisurely time here by just sitting and breathing. The vicinity of nature at this lake attracts your mind towards it.

Variety of fish in the lake is another unique attraction to have and birds found here, are also of many different species.

There is no entry fee for the lake and its opening timing is 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

3. Botanical Garden: A Bouquet Of Flowers

Botanical Garden is also known as A Bouquet Of Flowers because it has a good collection of unique flowers. This garden is divided in several sections spreaded in almost 55 acres.Almost 620 species of plants and flowers can be seen here. The first flower show of Botanical Garden was organisedin 1896. The flower show of this garden catches almost 2 lacs tourists every year from all over the world. It is arranged for two continuous days.

One can click mesmerising photos with soothening memory here. You can spend 2 to 3 hrs here just watching the glory of the garden. Flower and plant exhibition is also held here and 250 exhibiters participate in that iconing different categories.

pe6:00 PM. Entry fee is 30 rs per person and one can hire a camera also at 50 rs. per hour.

4. Avalanche Lake: A Blooming Lake

Avalanche Lake is another famous spot to visit in OOTY. This lake has a rolling landscape aroound it which has blooming flowers. It is a natural gift to the town people and tourists. It is 26 km away from main city of OOTY. Here visitors can do fishing also, near the lake trout hatchery is developed for fishing equipments. One can do camping also at night. Trekking to the hilly regions like Upper Bhavani is also possible here.

Its opening and closing timings are 8:00 am to 6:00 pm and entry is free of cost.

5. Deer Park: A Deer’s Home

Deer Park is naturally located  near to OOTY LAKE. If love to see wildlife, then you will surely love to visit this place in you OOTY TRIP. It is easily accessible and exclusively made for DEER family. Different species of deer, Sambhar and Chital, can be seen here wondering. Variety of flora and fauna adds to its beauty.

This park has different species of hares and rabbits. It opens at 10:00 am and closes at 5:00 pm. No charges are applicable for the entry but one need to maintain discipline in the park while visiting.

6. Rose Garden: Heart Of Ooty

Rose Garden is a horticulture house situates in the ELK HILL in Vijayanagram, OOTY and it is at a height of 2200 meters. This garden is spreaded in 4 hectares. It was established in May, 1995. Its mesmerising view and glory attracts a lot of tourists. The fragnance of roses is spreaded all over the premise and attracts honey bees towards roses.

At present, it has over 20,000 varieties of the rose plant which makes it a largest collection of flowers overall India. Its peak season is summer and you can catch the flower show at that time of your trip.

One can spend 2 hrs here by paying a decent entry fee of 30 rs for adults, 15 rs for kids and 50 rs for camera hiring( optional ).

Timing: 7:30 am to 6:00 pm

7. St Stephen’s Church: A Marvelous Architect

St Stephen’s Church is located near the main city of Ooty and a breathtaking architect design reflects its beauty. This architect is of 19th centuary built at the time of British Raj. It is on the road going to MYSORE in Ooty. Mother marry holding Jesus Christ’s glass painting attracts many visitors here.

Inspite being one of the oldest church, its beautiful architect and surrounding green and lavish sloppy hills attracts many tourists.

TIMING: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

No entry fee is applicable.

8. Doddabetta Peak: A High Peak

Doddabetta Peak is 10 km away from main city, Ooty. There is a forest reserve near it. This peak is the fourth highest peak in southern region of India, 2637 meter. Since it has high altitude it is one of the most famous trekking point for the visitors in Ooty.

The Doddabetta View Point is also a beautiful and perfect spot for holding hands of you partner.

9. Kalhatti Falls, Bellikkal

Kalhatti Falls is situated near the main city, Ooty.

It is also known as Bird Watchers Paradise’. One can see the soothing Kalhatti Waterfalls from a road going towards Ooty from Masinagudi. The cool atmosphere of this lovely spot attracts many tourist. Some endemic birds and lush greenery are important attraction of this waterfall site.

This beautifully flowing waterfall is 13 km away from Ooty. Elephants from the surroundings visit here to drink water which gives an eye catching sight to the travelers.This waterfall glides down from a height of 400 meter. Bison, bear, deer can be seen here at various places.

You can stay here for at least 2 hrs.and spend leisure time. Beautiful photos can be clicked here.

10.Tiger Hill Ooty

Tiger Hill, another ad on to the list, is situated near Ooty and it is at the lower end of Doddabetta Peak. You can enjoy sunny and beautiful views from a vantage point. The flower covered mountain and small shiny hills are great attractive things here.

Trekking, Camping at night here can be some spicy element in your trip. It is just 7 km away from Ooty. The sunrise and sunset point at Tiger Hill are couples favorite spots to be found here. There are many resorts nearby for a comfy stay around it.

11. Catherine Falls, Coonoor

Catherine Falls is located in Kotagiri, Tamilnadu. It is also known as double Decker Fall. This waterfall is the second highest waterfall that can be found in dense Nilgiri Mountains.

The trekkers feel good to be here and take a path along the waterfall to the peak and click some scenery photos. The total height of this waterfall is 250 ft. and who see it completely once in a life can not able to forget it.

Its opening timing is 8:00 am and closing timing is 6:00 pm.

The list of top tourists spots never ends. Now we will go through list of Hotels and Resorts to stay and sit for rest.

12. Dolphin’s Nose: A Trekking Peak

Dolphin’s Nose is an amazing trekking peak located in Coonoor, Tamilnadu. It is nearly 15 km away from Ooty. This peak is at an altitude of 1489 meters.

The top most peak of the rock looks alike Dolphin’s nose. Its unique formation attracts many visitors towards it. Along the hill side, there are many tea plants which glorify its beauty more.

Trekking to the peak of this enormous rock is very adventurous thing.

It’s opening time is 6:15 am and closing time is 7:00 pm. No entry fee is applicable.

13. Droog Fort: A Foot Travel Site

Droog Fort is a famous travel place in Ooty to explore and is situated 14 km away from Coonoor. Once in past time, the great Tipu Sultan used this fort as a outpost for his battles. It was built in the 18th century. This is an old fort and reflects its history. If you want to reach this fort, you must pass through the Nonsuch Tea Estate.

Its opening time is 7:00 am and closing time is 6:00 pm.

14. Mudumalai National Park: A Forest Reserve

Mudumalai National Park is nealy 12 km away from main town Ooty in Tamilnadu. In current, it is declared as a National Tiger Reserve by Indian government. In present, there are 50 tigers preserved in this national park. There is a river called ‘Moyar River’ where one can watch many wild animals. Its opening time is 7:00 am and closing time is 6:00 pm and the entry fee is 15rs per person for Indians. One can hire a camera also at 150 rs per hour cost.

FAQs for Ooty.

1. How many days does one can spend in Ooty?
You can spend at least 3 days in Ooty to explore it and enjoy the lethal beauty of this lovely place.
2. Are Ooty trip packages costly?
No, the Ooty trip packages are not costly. They can range between 20,000 rs to 40,000 rs depending upon the facilities you want.
3. What are the top visited place in Ooty?
Ooty lake, Government Botanical Garden, Rose Garden, Nilgiri Hills Railway, Dolphin's Nose, Doddabetta Peak, Madumalai National Park, Pykra Falls...and the list goes on because there are many attractive spots to visit in Ooty.