A trip that will blink in your head and also in your heart can be of the flowing state of INDIA i.e. GOA.

GOA is the only southwestern state of India which is eternly famous among tourists all over the World. Goa is the top destination in the list of couples’ honeymoon visiting places. It is geographically seperated from the Deccan Highlands  with the highest GDP per capita among all other states of India. Goa is mostly famous for its beaches and ocean view. It is at sixth position in the list of Top 10 Nightlife cities in the world. Goa’s culture is also has an effect of Portugese and it is completely different from India. Goa inhabits two World Heritage Site: first is the Bom Jesus Basilica and second is Churches and Convents of Old Goa.

Here is the list of best visited place in Goa:


The BASILICA OF BOM JESUS is an example of the beatiful Roman Catholic architect and it is also a part of Churches and Convents of Goa which is a UNESCO world heritage site. It was built in 1594 and completed in 1605. It is one of the famous and oldest churches in Goa and in India. This church is located in old Goa in Bainguinim that is near to Panjim. The remains of St. Francis Xavier are held here only. It is in total 408 years old church and always remains open for locals and tourists everyday. The floor of this church is made up of marble mosaic with beautiful stones.

You can spend at least 2 hrs in the picturesque surrounding. The artworks will surely amaze you.

There is no entry fee applicable for the visit.

Timings: Monday – Saturday: 9:00 AM to 6:30 PM

                 Sunday: 10:30 AM to 6:30 PM


 Calangute is a famous town in Goa in north direction. The Calangute Beach is the largest in Goa and the most popular beach to visit. It is situated at a distance of approx 15km from main city Panjim. ‘The Enamour of Downtown Calangute’ holds the spectacular beauty of ocean paradise and it is a way to heaven. It connects you to the other famous beaches also, so it is also the best location to stay in Goa. You can also enjoy the wonderful culinary fare holdings some greate handicrafts in street shops. Many water sports can be explored in the high lifting waves.

You can visit here in the monsoon season with your partner and family. You can be a part of the tourists hub there.


Dudhsagar Waterfall is a sight to please and is located in Goa. Its one of the India’s tallest waterfalls and worldly known as four tiered warefall. This waterfall is approx 60km away from Panjim, the capital city. It is located on the Madgaon-Belagavi rail route in Mollem National Park. Its natural altitude is 1170 feet above sea level. It also acts like a border between Karnatka and Goa state. This waterfall is a punctuation sign on Mandovi River rising from the Western Ghats.

You can reach here by trekking or by rail journey. Some tourists reach here by their own jeep or any personally booked transport. If you visit it in Monsoon, then that will be the best time to visit it.

One can spend at least 2 to 3 hrs in the natural habitat surrounded by lush greenery. The charge of entry is only 20INR.


Fort Aguada is a well known place for trips and a seventeeth century Portugese fort. It has a light house standing in Goa on Sinquerim Beach near the Arabian Sea. This marvellous fort was constructed in 1612 as a guard against the Marathas and the Dutch. There is a fresh water spring in the fort and it provides water to the ships that used to stop near the fort. It is so large that it covers the whole southwestern peninsula to the tip of Bardez. It was a place where prisoners were kept in Salzar Administration era.

It was the most crucial and important fort for Portugese. It had an capacity of storing twenty lakhs gallon water for the Portugese ships.

Its opening and closing time is  9:00 am to 6:00 pm

No entry fee is applicable. It is nearest to Sinquerim, Candolim.

5. Tito’s Street

Tito’s Steet is a famous lane that is fully crowded by the tourists. This lane leads to Baga beach and that is overhyped with restaurants and night clubs. All the businesses are owned by Titos. That’s why it is known as Tito’s street. It was founded in 1971 by Henry de Souza. Pubbing, clubing, night stay outs, are tourists main fortay to spend leisure time. The party lover never misses these Tito’s pubs in Goa. International DJ’s selection of music, dance lover always, delicious food and drinks offeres can not be missed out by anyone. This street is near about 17km from the main city capital Panjim, Goa. Private parties are also a thing to enjoy here. Huge long queuescan be seen here before pubs, clubs, restaurants.

You can spend one whole day and night here if you are a party lover. No entry fee is applicable for ladies. 1000rs fee is applicable for a couple.

Timings for entry are 6:00 pm to 3:00 am.

6. Baga Beach

Baga Beach is another most visited place in Goa. It is a wonderful seaside beach in Bardez, Goa. It comes under south Goa , under the jurisdiction of Calangute. It is visited by many tourists who come to Goa. You can not complete you Goa trip without visiting and enjoying here. It is in North Goa near to Candolim that leads to Calungute then Baga beach. You can click romantic photos and can enjoy many water sports here. It contains fishing boats and rows of shacks. You can enjoy many water sports like parasailing and banana rides or Dolphin cruises. There is a bridge also called Baga creek bridge that connects Arpora, Anjuna, etc. Dolphins can be seen from approx 1.5km away from the shoreline.

No entry fee is applicable but if you want to purchase Sun Bath beds at rent then it will cost approx 200rs each. Parking area is also constructed for comfort of the visitors. You can spend at least 3 hours here with your familyand friends.

7. St. Cathederal Church

St. Cathederal Church is known as the largest church in whole Asia. It is also marked as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site for many reasons. This church is near to the Basilica of Bom Jesus church. TRhis church is the cathedral of Latin Rite Roman and Patriach of the East Indies. It is situated in Old Goa. This church was built to celebrate the victory of Portugese in the year 1510. And it got completed nearly in 1640. The Portuguese-Manueline architectural form was used for construction of this church. It has a large bell called “Golden Bell” in the tower houses of this church. It is the largest bell in whole Goa and it also attracts many tourists from all over the world.

The overwhelming glory and magnificent auro makes it an awesome place to visit in Goa. The surprising constrution techniques and beauty will give gooosebumps to you. One can find beauty and peace at one place. It is almost 9km away from the main city, Panjim. You can spend 2 hrs here in watching and memorising its beauty and elegant auro.

No entry fee is applicable for Indians.

Timings: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

8. Club Cubana

Club Cubana is another famous spot to enjoy here in Goa. It is famously known as Sky’s Nightclub. The party lovers spot and hub of tourists is located on the top of the Arpora Hill located in North Goa. The large and spacious dance floor with colourful lights and moving flashlights, lighten up the whole club and the neighbourhood. Wednesday is the only day which is fixed as ladies night at this club. This club has different and some strict parameteres to follow. It remains open only from October to April and only for couples and ladies. This luxurious club offers special passes to the couples for a special dance and drinks party.

It is nearest to Arpora, Goa. The entry fee for couple is started from 1000 rs and 700 rs is for girls only.

Timings: 9:00 pm to 4:00 am.

9. Candolim Beach

Another main attraction for tourists visiting to Goa. It is next to the Calangute beach and near to the Fort Aguada. There are many water sports activities that are a great attraction for the visitors. This beach is in  north Goa near Bardez Taluka. This beach is less congested than other beaches. It is approximately 15km away from Panjim, the capital city of Goa. It is a very peaceful and calm place to sit down with your partner and take deep breathe. Many free commercial activities can be enjoyed here with some water activities which are paid. Near the beach, you can not find even a resort here, but some Inns are still available to stay and rest. A ship River Princess is a feature story related to this beach since 2000.

You can spend at least 2 hrs here in enjoying many water sports activities and roadside delicious food. It is a great place for Dolphin sightseeing. The panormic view of sunset and sunshine will give goosebumps to you.

The timings are not defined here, you can visit it anytime. Fee is also not applicable, but if you want to enjoy any water sports activity then it will costs around 1000rs.

10. Anjuna Beach

It is a heaven to the couples visiting Goa. Anjuna Beach is nearly 17km away from Panjim. Parasailing, Bumpy banana ride, Snorkelling, Boat ride, Jet ski ride are some famous water sports to enjoy. It is mostly famous for its trance and rave parties that attracts thousands of visitors each year. These water spots are cheaper than on other beaches like Baga beach or Calangute beach. The nearby market is awesome to explore and buy new stuff and you can find all type of stuff here. This beach is located in north Goa. It is a famous trance party spot also.

This beach is almost 8km away from Mapusa, North Goa. The flea market and Chapora Fort are its main attractions. Sunset at Anjuna beach will make all you senses feel good.

11. Casino Cruise

This is an another adveturous and attracting thing you can experience in when visiting Goa with your freinds and family. A Casino Cruise is a ship with essential food options starting from the basic level with a restaurant. Many additional casino features are also available but they are paid. The ship is wharfed at many places in all the famous beaches of Goa and its rivers with attractive and posh decorative furnishings. The marvellous views and scenic moments inside the cruise and outside also, will surely lighten up your senses. There are rooms also which are available for spending time and rest.The casinos in the cruise are always open all the time. They also have, bars, clubs but with all the DJs and the rock music bands, you can also enjoy the casino games with low music.

The tourists can enjoy and stay on these cruises up to 12 hours and experience the ellegacy of the cruise.

FAQs for Goa.

1. What are the top attractive places to visit in GOA?
Anjuna Beach, Club Cubana, Dona Puala Baech, Aguada Fort, Bom Jesus Basilica, Calangute Beach, St. Cathedral Church, Dudh Sagar Waterfall, Candolim Beach, Baga beach, Tito's Street, Anjuna Peak, Chapora Fort, Terekhol Fort.
2. What is the best timings for a trip to GOA?
One can visit Goa throughout the year because its weather remains always pleasant to travel.
3. How much money is needed by the hand for a good trip to GOA?
You can have a good trip with in a budget of 20,000 rs to 40,000 rs and have fun with family and friends.