Rishikesh Adventure is a bite for all. It does not differentiate between non-fit old, young, short or long. This small riverside city is a symbol of equality for all its folks. Adventure sport in Rishikesh has been the most popular adventure destination in India and has a list of amazing sports, adventures and trekking for the college students to the elderly. Everyone can feel the mixed essence of nature, spiritualism and adventure. As per the people expected from this city, It never disappoints.

So irrespective of the age factor, If you are adventurous and sporty then here is the list of Rishikesh Adventure Sports that you should must avail as per your interest before getting back to the hustle bustle world.

                                                                                     HERE WE GO !!

1. River Rafting

One of the famous – White water rafting in Rishikesh which attracts many of the public visiting Rishikesh irrespective of the age. Ups and Down of the boat on the pure, fast flowing Ganga river creates goosebumps in all the visitors who avail this water sport. It is one of the famous water sports in Rishikesh. Water rafting comes in different levels of extremity and involves battling the treacherous waves of the mother of all rivers in India – “The Ganga“. This sport is mostly inactive from July to September due to an increase in the water level and to ensure safety of the people. Rafting in winters is also a very thrilling experience as per the visitors addresses.

Average Price – Starting from Rs.700 – 3000 and may vary depending upon the distance and people covered in the rafting.


2. Bungee Jumping

One of the breathtaking sports which is famous all over the world. Rishikesh is one of the best places in India for doing so. With a height of 83 mtrs located at Mohan Chatti, Rishikesh Adventure sport spot has ruled over the hearts of various enthusiasts. It is India’s highest bungee jump. One achieved you will be provided with a certificate too.

!! Thats Awesome !! Certificate of Achievement ! Lol !!

Things to Keep in note before Jumping in the heart of Ganga- The cost for this enormous adventure is approx Rs.3550 per person. Age limit is 12 – 45 years. Preferred weight for this range between 40kgs to 110kgs. Timings are between 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Jump in the heart of Ganga.


3. Flying Fox

The most promising adventure sport in Rishikesh which is becoming an apple in the traveler’s eye. This is Asia’s largest Trail which is stretched to 1 km line. Flaunting at a speed of 160km/hr from top to bottom creates a feeling of air gushing past. Once completed, pulled back to the platform by reverse mechanism. We recommend everyone to try this air gushing experience. After this don’t forget to take the Dare to Jump certificate. Nice Appreciation !!

Things To Keep In Note – Price range starting from Rs.1700 in Tandem. Normally a group of 2 or 3 persons are preferred. Age limit is minimum 12 years. Preferred Weight is 30Kg to 120 Kgs.

4. Kayaking

One of the best water sports adventures in Rishikesh, Also known as canoeing in which a small boat or kayak is occupied with a single person which rides up and down in the waves and rapids of the pure Ganga river. This thrill is just speechless but it requires some training for the freshers. Rishikesh water sports is one of the perfect destinations for this kind of water activity.

Charges – Normally it is of two types Expert and Beginner which cost about Rs. 4800 and Rs. 3200 respectively. Distance covered by Expert is 16 km and that for the Beginners is 12 Km.

5. Nature Walk

Pull your socks and boot and start walking in the woods of deep Rishikesh jungles and mountains and hills. Feel the smell of moisture. Enjoy the scenic landscape and enormous small waterfalls spread all around the forest. One of the best waterfalls in Rishikesh is NeerGarh waterfall from where you can see an awesome view with a sip of tea and Maggi.

Point To Remember – Trace Your Steps Back As You May Lost The Way In The Deep Jungles. Hire A Local Or Join a group for chit chat and to explore till long.

6. Paintball

A superb outdoor adventurous activity in Rishikesh where you feel like the mixture of army and Holi. Shooting colours on others defeing yourself to be shooted and hiding in the base camp type places can make your day. Game of teamwork, speed and fun. Required to wear proper gear for the safety and helmets

Points To Remember4 person team required with 100 balls. Prices are individual mostly included in the packages for other activities too.

7. Rock climbing

One of the popular destinations of rock climbing in Rishikesh. Shivalik Hills is considered as the hubspot for rock climbing because of its steepness and varied topography. One who is very fond of adventure and does not get fear heights are welcomed for this daredevil adventure.

Mountaineers – Now You know where the adventure lies for you.

Things to be taken Note – Proper training is necessary before you start hugging the rocks and proper safety measures are required as per the trainer who is responsible for the same. Price ranges for Rs. 1000.

8. Mountain Biking

With the first rays of sun gear up and pedal the cycle to the riverside destination. Explore the mountains and purified air which directly touches your lungs and creates a sensation of freshness in your body. Riding cycle will also maintain the body temperature and increase stamina. Enjoy the beauty of the place in an adventurous and sporty form

Things to Carry – Water bottle and riding helmets with other gears for safety is must. Once can rent mountain bikes at Rs. 200 and can easily be available in the renting shops.

9. Giant Swing

Rope based adventure sport in Rishikesh. In content with bungee jumping Giant swing is also explored in Mohan Chatti. With a jump of 83 metres it is India’s highest jumping point in the adventure mode. This adventure can be done alone or 2 persons at a time. The Dare to jump certificate is also awarded after this breathtaking adventure.

Things to Keep in note before swing in the lap of ganga- The cost for this enormous adventure is approx. Rs.3000 per person. Age limit is 12 – 50 years. Preferred weight for this range between 20kgs to 130kgs. Timings are between 10:00 am to 4:00 pm to perform Leap Of Faith.

10 . Valley Crossing

One of the finest adventure sports in Rishikesh for all age groups. Hanging from a rope between two hills and crossing it with the help of rope is really an speechless experience. Similar to flying fox but with a different experience. One can have a check on his stamina too.

Price and Precautions – Average price range from Rs. 1000 and all the safety measures should be taken like helmet, shoes, gloves and other required things.

11. Zorbing

One of the coolest adventure sports in Rishikesh with lots of fun. Up and down rolls and rolls. This adventure sport is simple yet very interesting. Rolling in a ball filled with air down the hills as well as in water. This is considered best for the middle aged teenagers and Garhwal Hills are the best for this type of cool adventure sport. Fun activity with giggles of laughter filled in it.

Price – Ranges from Rs. 600 but mostly included in the combo for activities in the adventure package.

12. Parasailing

Feel like a bird with air adventure activity in Rishikesh with parasailing at a height of 2800 ft. For people who are not afraid of height, It’s a must go adventure for them. Get magnificent views of the Himalayas moving with the clouds and riding with birds. This can be a once lifetime achievement as the scenic is really awesome to explore. Get accompanied with parasailing experts to fulfill your desire

Price and Precautions – Price range from Rs. 4500 per person and all the safety measures should be taken as guided by their experts.

13. Wild Safari

Interested In wildlife adventure ?

Rishikesh wildlife adventure brings you the perfect combo of wildlife and adventure together. Sign up for Rajaji National park and explore the natural wildlife and explore the animals in their natural habitat. No matter what you do but kindly do not disturb or bother them and experts advice to be followed strictly as sometimes fun can be dangerous too.

Price and equipment – Average price ranges from Rs. 3500 and do not forget your camera to capture the beauty of wildlife.

14. Hot Air Balloon

Sounds Romantic yet adventurous ride in Rishikesh. This 10 minutes rides attaining to a height of 500 ft. from ground level brings a different perception of the whole place. The beauty of the landscape with the sun rays covering the Shivalik Hills and landscape in the morning is just like a transparent yellow sheet covering the hills which feels amazing. One should definitely not miss this ride. This can be a family adventure sport in Rishikesh.

Price and Time – The price for this is Rs. 2500 per person and the best timing for doing so is in the morning to make your day. Do not forget to take your camera along to capture memories.

15. Trekking

After all the adventure sport in Rishikesh is completed by your side. We would suggest you to go for trekking in the Shivalik hills or to the way of Neergarh waterfall starting from Lakshman Jhula. A peaceful trek will surely regain all the happiest moments of the time which you have spent in Rishikesh. Walking in the silence of these places also leads to peace of mind and can provide better solutions for the ups and downs in one’s life rather than finding it in hustle bustle life as reported by many solo travelers.

Things to carryMap so that you may not get lost in the dense forest and camera for bird watching.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q. What is the best time to do adventurous sports in Rishikesh?
October to March is the best time for visiting rishikesh and to avail the full adventure packages.
Q. Is one day enough for exploring Rishikesh?
Depends upon the things which you want to do. Normally 2-3 days is enough for covering all most things in rishikesh.
Q. Which are the best places to visit near Rishikesh?
If you are a travel huger then you can go to : 1. Haridwar: 20 km from Rishikesh 2. Dehradun: 46 km from Rishikesh 3. Kanatal: 81 km from Rishikesh 4. Dhanaulti: 103 km from Rishikesh 5. Mussoorie: 77 km from Rishikesh
Q. What is the best time to visit Rishikesh for camping?
Camping is best done in early summer and post - monsoon. In months you can say Feb to may and Sept to nov.